Report Card Time

At the end of every year, the Department of Veterans Affairs issues the Performance and Accountability Report to summarize the performance of the Department. It acts as a report card of sorts, a way to analyze the successes or failures of the goals set by the Secretary. The document contains hundreds of pages about complex issues, so if you’d like to get a brief overview, check out page 18 here. If you have about ten hours of spare time to read it over, the whole document can be downloaded. Otherwise, here is each section broken down:

- Secretary’s Letter

- PAR Covers

- Web Links to VA Programs

- Table of Contents (TOC)

- Part I. Management’s Discussion and Analysis

- Part II. Performance Results

- Part III. Financial Statements

- Part IV. Other Accompanying Information

The ultimate measure of VA’s mission to serve Veterans is taken by Vets themselves, so let’s hear your thoughts on the report. Do the numbers represent reality?

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5 Comments to “Report Card Time”

  1. We just received a comment on our Facebook page with an article from the Boston Herald about one wounded warriors case and treatment with the VA! Could you respond and explain to our followers? Thank you so much!

  2. Jason Kahl says:

    Its the same every where, continues to destroy Veterans lives at every turn.
    I have spoken to him we share the same problems with VA, the VA caused a spinal cord injury and even admitted being responsible. Because the VA screwed up my family does not get the benefits they deserve. The Law states that I should be treated “As If” I were injured in the service, VA chooses not to accept that part of the law and deny my family DEA benefits that means despite the “As If” segment of the LAW, VA will not let my family get champva like other Vets. They crippled me and refuse to give benefits as directed by law.
    The Director of the House Mod Grant program said when I spoke to him it should only take 3 month, this is not true it took me almost 9. Then if like me your house can NOT be modified you just have to hope I don’t hurt myself even worse while I try to sell and buy a New House in this market. VA as far as I am concerned have done nothing but torture me and do their BEST to destroy my family. Its a SAD FACT he is not ALONE, VA wants everyone to think these are just one offs, we are in the THOUSANDS!!!

  3. Pumps says:

    Good job to Department of Veterans Affairs for trying to keep itself accountable.

  4. Jason Kahl says:

    Accountable? Everyone involved in my VA caused spinal cord injury is still working for VA. No one is accountable, the grinder just keep chewing us up and spitting us out

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