VA modernization initiative reduces processing time for Veterans’ claims, saves future taxpayer dollars


VA recently started digitizing older, inactive paper records, which will save taxpayer dollars through reduced, leased office-space that currently houses these records.

“This is just one of the ways in which we are modernizing our capabilities, not only to be more responsive to Veterans and their families, but also to be good stewards of taxpayer dollars,” said VA’s Acting Under Secretary for Benefits Thomas Murphy.

This new “paper-extraction” process ensures that when a claim is filed, the Veteran’s electronic record is already available in VA’s computer systems, reducing processing time for benefit claims from Veterans and their survivors. In the past, when a Veteran filed a new or supplemental claim, if a medical condition had worsened, the retired paper files were boxed and shipped to a central site to scan into VA’s systems before work would begin on the new claim.

Nearly 2 million inactive files were housed in 33 regional offices across the country before the change. As of April 14, more than 500,000 files have been collected from eight regional offices for scanning. Once the records have been digitized, VA will archive and store them in less expensive long-term storage for safekeeping.

The agency plans to remove and scan paper claim records from the remaining regional offices by the end of 2018.

“This modernization initiative seeks to eliminate delays caused by shipping and digital conversion,” said Bradley Houston, director of VA’s Office of Business Process Integration, which oversees the initiative. “It will give claims processors nationwide the ability to instantly access millions of inactive claim records when needed.”

Over the past five years, VA has made concerted efforts to modernize the way it processes compensation and pension claims. Since 2012, 397 million records — consisting of 2.6 billion images — have been scanned, indexed and uploaded into the agency’s electronic-claims processing system, Veterans Benefits Management System. In fiscal 2016, VA provided compensation and pension benefits to more than 5.1 million Veterans and family members, totaling over $80 billion.

For more information about VA’s benefits, go to or call 800-827-1000.


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  1. Edward Dickson    

    hello,i am writing to say that the told me that there are no records of me spending 6 years of my life in the army national guard and 6 months in the active army,and because of that I cant apply for a va loan. The veterans affairs require a ngb22 form which states your ng history and nobody seems to give it to me. 1966 to 1972. Viet-Nam-Erra

  2. Elliot Walker    

    This is just a starting. VA’s are suffering, and I hate too much who is responsible for this to happen.

  3. James Tobleck    

    June 27. 2017 will be 41 years to the day the VA has delayed, denyed, my total knew replacement. Numerous VA personal have blocked
    My health care , dental care, so they can get bonus and promotion money. Bone on bone for 41 years has taken a toll on 3 marriages, my son , our homelessness, bankruptcys. All so Detroit VBA , and Battle Creek Director look good go Washington brass. My doctor canceled a meeting this week to talk why going to a local 5 mile away isn’t in the VA’s best interest. A nurse will meet me , I say more BS. I’m selling my house ,hiring an attorney, but I bought a great new equalizer. Sulkin didn’t do a thing under mconald .nothing changes. 22 vets a day die and VA personal are laughing at the loosers. My thoughts are perhaps the wrong people are dieing.yP24

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