Statement from the Department of Veterans Affairs on federal hiring freeze


VA announced exemptions to the federal hiring freeze in the president’s memo dated January 23, 2017. The authorities outlined in the president’s memo provide VA the ability to continue filling essential positions that provide public safety services to our Veterans. We strongly believe that these exemptions are in line with the president’s intent.

“The Department of Veterans Affairs intends to exempt anyone it deems necessary for public health and safety, including frontline caregivers,” Acting Veterans Affairs Secretary Robert Snyder said. “The president and VA remain committed to seeing that our Veterans receive the quality care and benefits they’ve earned. This is the right thing to do for our Veterans.”

View the VA memorandum on exemptions by clicking here.


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  1. LTC Kenneth Grundy ret    

    Someone should look into the the federal hiring freeze and how it could effect the Trauma ICU at Landstuhl Regional Medical Center in Germany. There is a five year rule that says civilians can only stay at the hospital 5 years. Does the Hospital have a plan to replace these highly trained critical care nurses if they are forced to leave. Or will they be allowed to extend to preserve the fighting strength.

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