Kate Hoit


  1. Carl R. Angdahl MSG, USA Ret    

    Thank you for sharing the wonderful tribute. May God be forever with Frank.

  2. Lynnie    

    Thank you Mr. Frank Buckles for your service. Rest in Peace. Your service and those of your brethren (current enlisted men and women) is greatly appreciated. God Bless.

  3. Mathes, R. PO1, USA    

    I will honor those who have gone before me to defend freedom and democracy around the world. Thank you Frank may god keep you near his side.

  4. Shannon McFarland    

    It was just an honor to read the multiple articles about him. I am in the Army and just knowing the history is AWESOME….RIP CPL BUCKLES You are LOVED!!!

  5. Dan milligan (CW04 RET)    

    To this brave soldiers family he is remembered and honored. Both of my grandfathers served in WW1 so this takes my thoughts to them as well. Thank you brave warrior rest in peace with your brothers in arms.

  6. Chris Scheer    

    Thanks for recognizing this great Veteran who deeply appreciated the care he received from VA. Now let’s support his efforts to create a national memorial on the National Mall in Washington, DC for the millions of U.S. veterans of World War I. Check out the World War I National Memorial Foundation which Mr. Buckles chaired until his death at .

  7. Hooter    

    Reading on Mr. Buckles I came across the American Legion and they still have their Paris post FR01, the city of Paris provides them with an apartment space to the post, after they lost their home thanks to the VA tossing them out Pershing Hall and on the street … Nice to see the French still remember and honor our boys from both world wars.

    Mr. Buckles hoped some day this nation will build a world war I memorial for those 4,734,990 Americans service in the Great War..

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