VA News #574

April 21 & 28, 2014

Hosts: Katrice Pasteur & Nick Antonetti
Excutive Producer: Ken McKinnon
Run Time: 15:07

VA News is a weekly program designed to provide timely news and information about the Department of Veterans Affairs. The newscast is co-sponsored by the VHA Employee Education System and the Office of Public Affairs in partnership with other headquarters and field offices.
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4 Comments to “VA News #574”

  1. We need the help of every veteran in the US our goverment need to pass in to law that all Honorable discharge Veteran should have free Dental please E-Mail,call, your Goverment officel and let them no we need this law to change

  2. SGT John T says:

    I am 90% service connected. I have been waiting on a Sleep Apnea claim for 7 years. And even though I give Phoenix Az Regional all they request they will change the prior claim on proof to another now prove this or that. I have been on a CPAP for 7 years upon returning from theater. Also I have had 1 1/2 year delay, so far of a huge hernia growth on my stomach. The pain is very very bad. Yet every time I call the VA in Tucson Az they keep delaying as my pain increases dramatically . The clinic will tell me we’ll call you right back. Or, the Doctor can’t see you for at least 6 months, or is this an emergency? Welcome to the new Veterans Administration on How All Veterans are treated.

    • SGT John T says:

      I was getting help from American Legion. However, my Rep. told me 8 months ago he has nothing to do with Phoenix Regional Veterans Office and was assisting me. However my concerns seemed to aggravate him to a degree. Then one day he asked if he could take my personal file to Phoenix for some training. I stated ” Wait a minute, 8 months ago you assured me you had nothing to do with Phoenix Regional, that you were here for the Veterans only”. Then he stated. ” Just so you know John everybody in Phoenix Regional belongs to American Legion in fact American Legion pretty much runs the ratings of Veterans” I was shocked and floored and dishonored by this man who intentionally lied to a disabled Veteran then telling my AW2 Rep. that I should change my P.O.A. to another Veterans Organization. What a cheap washout.